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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to touch the toilet when I apply the cover?

No. the cover is designed in a way where you do not have to touch the surfaces at all. Its like applying a second skin to the toilet and you are only touching the clean protective skin.

How does it protect me if it dissolves?

The most splash results from the initial impact when you start using the toilet. The film doesn't dissolve immediately. It dissolves slowly hence absorbing the splatter and as it dissolves it forms a gel that further films the inner toilet skirt and makes the splatter less intense.

What if the cover does not completely flush?

The cover eventually disintegrates and there is no way it will contaminate or clog the toilet

Is PVA toxic to marine life?


Can I remove the excess material after use and discard in the trash?

Yes. The contaminated film dissolves completely and what is left is the clean film which should not eve drip when moved to the trash.

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