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About Loo Skins

Self care without caring for our environment is counter effective. What goes around comes around. With the recent pandemic, one time use plastics have polluted the environment and they are here to stay, threatening our health and existence.

Loo Skins are made of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA or PVOH). PVA is a water-soluble synthetic resin that was discovered in 1924 by German Nobel Laureate and later developed in Japan. PVA dissolves fast in water. PVA is biodegradable and non-toxic.

Our packaging is also 100% recyclable and soon it will be replaced with compostable packaging to reduce waste entirely.

Message from the Founder

Being a germaphobe and an obsessive compulsive cleaner most of my life, becoming a mother has made it all worse especially while traveling with children and experiencing the struggle in airplane toilets. With boys it was semi manageable, however, with my daughter, it was excruciating...

The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic inspired me to come up with a solution to make our family trips more enjoyable once we got to travel again.

My real issue with public toilets was never the seat alone and for that reason, I never used toilet seat covers. I never believed in them.

Hovering over the toilet never solved the problem either it just made it worse.

So that is how the idea popped… most of the time I had to resort to toilet paper inside the bowl to absorb the splatter… but toilet paper is porous and clogs the toilet…

The thought of kids touching the toilet seat, the boys urinating and splashing me in the back while holding their pants, and my daughter's groin exposed to what's underneath the toilet seat made the call loud and urgent.

Why Loo Skins?

During the lockdown while I was still developing my concept, my boys were spending most of their days playing Fortnite – a video game which offers in-game items such as characters which gamers call ‘skins’! Kids buy, swap and compete for skins which kept them very motivated especially that we had no access to any other entertainment or toys... it was a fresh new term in what seemed to be a dull hopeless world.

And Loo, well, it was always one of those words in British slang that fascinated me the most!

Loo Skins promise to protect you from others and protect others from you!

Lana Karrain Salfiti
Founder & CEO